Wedding is nothing but a collage of emotions. There is joy of being loved, pressure of being committed, thrill of starting a new life and sorrow of parting with the old one. Nimitham is all about capturing those emotions in their purest form. Nimitham rises beyond the conventions of wedding photography. It’s a sublime blend of the craft of non-intrusive photography and artistic excellence, documenting the most candid, casual and real emotions.

At Nimitham we believe that a wedding is an occasion that lasts for a lifetime.

With a Master's degree in Theatre Arts and a background in advertising and documentary films, Akanksha leads the wedding films section at Nimitham. As a film maker she enjoys the experience of visuals, words and sound all individually and when put together and believes in, 'the order in which visuals appear'. In other words she believes in the power of good editing. For her a wedding film is about stitching together the most candid and personal video snapshots of a family to narrate a story that can last a lifetime.

“There is a Nimitham for everything”, and the right moment for this quiet and extremely observant wedding photographer came after he shot his first wedding in Mumbai. An electronic engineer, Rupesh has been affiliated with the shipping industry in Dubai for 14 years. Weekend photography trips, long teaching sessions & a penchant to unravel the secrets of light lead him to learning, practicing and eventually teaching photography. “I loved painting but due to some reason could not pursue it, the passion quite naturally found its voice in photography.” Rupesh loves outdoors & experimenting with light, technique and the very science of photography. Expect stunning new styles & visual excellence from him cause he is someone who loves to speak through his pictures.
A people’s person, Suvriti loves the interaction, kaleidoscope of colours and gamut of emotions that come with a wedding. The human touch and instant gratification that comes with clicking people is what drew her away from her high paying job as an interior designer in one of Dubai’s leading firms. Having dabbled with street, travel and children photography, she brings a distinct sense of design, artistry and story-telling to Nimitham. “We maintain high standards while approaching wedding photography and wish to transcend borders & cultures through our work.”